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tv   [untitled]    February 27, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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happened to the volley balls you lad -- had last year. i told her the kid kicked them on the roof and the rest were stolen. she came back and said they'd order the equipment but not the volley balls. i went and bought the volley balls plus a few other items with my own money. i have receipts right here. they told me to ask josie about the money for p.e. i asked four times between october and december. she said there's no more money for p.e., just for athletics. in january, i put in an order of $3,500 for equipment. wendy told me to write it up anyway. josie said there's now $800 for p.e., the rest is for athletics. i asked in december and january about the prop h money. i have copies of the emails
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between the group regarding the fund. i ordered about -- worth of equipment. i asked josie where is the rest of the money that's left and she said there's nothing left. i kept quiet about it. 2009, same story. i ordered some equipment, i asked her where's the rest of the money. she said there's no more money left. in 2010, wendy started putting the pressure on them about the money. i knew trouble was coming. i asked that jeffrey be investigated for possible wrongdoing -- president mendoza: there's three minutes left for your entire group. >> against me for looking at a prop h fund. thank you very much. >> i'm lesley. i'm here on behalf of sara, who spoke in regard to her situation. i recently credentialed myself.
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i -- i coattailed with sara for two years, went to college with her for two years and i am horrified that this is happening to a young lady that got her nose broken from a student in her class and she's not being retabled. the funny thing about special ed e.d. is when you ask somebody what you do and you say you teach e.d. in the unified school district they go how many years. because you can't hold teachers here. and you have a teacher that wants to be here, that was trained by the san francisco school district and you're going to lose her based on one principal in this district making a call for a young lady who has a future in education. president mendoza: you thank you. >> good evening, folks. my name is david. i'm sara's dad. i'm going to try to put that aside for a minute. a couple of weeks ago my daughter was assaulted at the middle school -- at her
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elementary school by a student she loved who loves her. 10 days after that it was issued her nonretention. before that she had gotten to the union and asked for workman's comp help. it was only after that that she got her nonretention. something is wrong here. sara provided to the school a three to four-page single paged program to put in place with the principal safety measures. done by a teacher with three or four months of experience. she was ignored and nothing happened. and this assault was a direct result of nonsafety methods not being implemented and not in place. we're not crying about the assault. this is my daughter's future,
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as it is for all these other wonderful teachers. i beg you, look into this before you stamp approved on this nonhigher -- nonhire for the next year. thank you. president mendoza: thank you. you have one minute for the last two speakers. >> my name is cindy and i'm a counseloror at a middle school. i've worked for san francisco unified for two years. this year i was placed at marina and i've provided individual counseling to students, met with parents and staff, etc., i'm a highly qualified counseloror, i have a license in family they are pi. this morning i met with the a.p. who offered me this felon re-elect notice and he told me he'd decided to rescind my notice. i asked for proof in writing and he was unable to give it to me. he told me he mailed it to r.
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-- h.r. and i'm hoping he's telling the truth. president mendoza: thank you. last speaker. >> cindy. i'm here to speak in support of cindy berenstein sibley. she has done a great job at our school. she has made great contributions to our school community. she has gotten satisfactory reviews. despite this being jerked around back and forth, you're nonre-elected. we're taking it back and there's no evidence that it's been done. she continues to come in every day and make really life-changing contributions to the students she works with, changing their lives in very concrete ways. thanks. president mendoza: thank you. summit garcia? commissioner garcia: for example, i want to thank everyone fortune coming out this evening. this is probably the hardest
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decision that school board administrators make. unfortunately the way the laws are made they put people in situations to do this. so everybody falls somewhat to some extent a victim of circumstance in these situations. when the nonreelects come up, the law is specifically written where an administrator can make that recommendation. whether it's fair or not, we rely on the principals at our schools. i mean, that's who evaluates how to review schools. we will take all of the people, you know, that have mentioned things here. we're writing down your names. it's public record, so we know who you are. we'll at least take some time to review those things. if this passes tonight, if, indeed, there's a particular incident that we've overlooked, we will review that. we can always in the future rescrinled any of those if
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there are particular issues. but i will tell you, being a parent of two kids, growing up and being in education for a long time. the truth always lies somewhere in the middle. so it's nice to hear your side of it but we also need to have an opportunity to hear the other sides of it. thank you. president mendoza: thank you. i want to also thank you for all coming out. our next item is the consent calendar. i need a motion and a consent. any corrections by the summit? seeing none. any items removed from first reading by the board? seeing none. any items for the board for summit tonight? seeing none. roll call, pleas. item eight, the summits's proposals, there are none tonight. item j is a request regarding general 345er9s and we have
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another set of folks that we will have speaking on item j. so there are a couple of folks that are not speaking under the 10-21 group. they want to have you guys come up first because it's just a handful or it's just a few. so kimberly -- i want to keep all the fciu folks together because you're going to have a set time. but anybody who's not speaking on fciu, i'd like for you to come forward first. so kimberly is on a general item. let's see if there's anyone else.
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and school staff. evelyn from cleveland, is this on a general matter? evelyn? is this on a general matter, not on a -- ok. come on up. so i'm going to have the two of you speak and just before that if you wouldn't mind letting me read the list of speakers that will be speaking after you. [names being read] linda, you're going to be speaking on general matters also, so come up to the front, please. [names being read]
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evelyn, you're speaking now, right? ok. so the s.a.u. group, you guys have 20 minutes but that will come after the first group. i have three individuals. you have two minutes. >> good evening. my name is kim. i'm a student at the university of san francisco in the multieducational program, huge rights. i've worked in san francisco schools for about the last 10 years. i'm here to express concern and share information about the university of san francisco. it's decided to evict the upward bound program that's been delivered on its campus since 19 6. and it's presently serving 136 students and provides recovery students at a time when cybra
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high subjects are very scares and night school is nearly extinct. the reason given from the university at the last two town hall meetings is that it's about space not refinances. the upbard -- upward bound shares its students with the rotc. they're keeping the rotc. i'm here to ask that the school board of education and san francisco unified school district get involved, because right now the youth of san francisco need you as well as the community needs you. bobby seal will be at the university this thursday and he's going to be asked by the students to address this issue and myself along with some students in the b.s.u. are trying to galvanize the other culturally centered programs in the university to get involved on march 3 in which we'll do a
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silent demonstration. we ask you to consider a redecision. president mendoza: thank you very much. i'm sure there will be a few of us to get in contact with you. next speaker, please? >> good evening, everybody. we're ropting the cleveland elementary school. -- representing the cleveland elementary school. our problem right now is that we're having cuts for the person in charge of the cafeteria. although the parents are concerned about this issue, we have noticed that she's really good with all the kids at the school.
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the person who is in charge of the cafeteria is very responsible with our kids so we want her to stay in our school. and we collected signatures from all the parents. thank you. president mendoza: thank you very much. >> good evening superintendent garcia, commissioners, ladies and gentlemen. i'm linda plaque. executive vice president of the united educators of san francisco. i know that on march 1 you will have a special session to consider a resolution having to do with layoffs of certificated employees. of course, this is very regrettable but we understand that this is something that must be done to meet the march 15 deadline and and we're all hoping that there will not be layoffs in san francisco unified. but one concern we have is with
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the district's possible plan to treat part-time teachers differently in layoffs and in recalls as compared to like credentials -- credentialed, full-time certificate indicated employees. we feel that you should not be treating part-timers differently because this will dispo portionly affect the layoff of women. when we analyze the stats from the school district, we see that the aiming groups that are part-timers are essentially the working mothers in our district. in other words, to focus layoffs or recalls against part-timers means that we were targeting women. mostly mothers who stay home or work part time in order to care for their children. among all certificated employees, females are 70% of the work force. part time teachers are 7% of the work force.
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82% of the part time teachers are females. within that group of part-time female teachers, 37% are less than 39 years of age. 64 bank account are less than 50 -- 64% are less than 50 years of age. these are the younger teachers who are of child-bearing age. this is the reason we feel that social justice and equity is served when seniority is the sole determinant of layoffs and recalls. we hope you use that criteria in this resolution. thank you very much. president mendoza: there was one other name -- there you are. we're going to give you 25 minutes to have all your speakers speak and we'll let you know when 15 minutes has passed. miswilson? miss wilson? when 15 minutes has passed would you let me know, please? thank you.
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>> good evening, commissioners, summit and friends. i'm a resident and voter in district number eight and a taxpayer. twice the school district has filed a motion to eliminate the district workers from the civil service commission and twice that motion was struck down by the courts. now that same motion has been filed a third time. i am puzzed that the school district seems to have unlimited funds to eliminate the civil service from their workers. the beauty of the civil service is that it doesn't cost the district a dime. i want to remain in the civil service. thank you. [applause] president mendoza: thank you. >> good evening. can i ask all fciu people to stand up for a moment, please? i want to personally thank all of you for coming. thank you. my name is karen bishop and i am president of seiu school district for our local.
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i've been in this district as an employee for 42 years and i went through this school district as a student. i want to speak on the fact that for several years now the school district has only been hiring as-needed workers, specifically in our student nutrition department, although we have as-needed workers who are secretaries and custodians. as-needed workers have no benefits. nothing. no medical, no dental, no vision, no holiday pay. every time school is closed, they don't get to work and they have no money. so i don't understand why we consider that temporary workers can help be a large part of this district and perform duties every day faith li --
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faith fully, many of them who are parents. we've been in negotiations since last may. the student nutrition workers, in excess of almost 300 of them. they want to downsize them and reduce them in salary. they are already the lowest paid workers in our union. in the school district. we want the board commissioners to know that we will not stand by and have our members be treated in the manner like they are an indentured servant. they deserve more respect than that. they faithfully work for you and faithfully feed the students here in this district every day. so thank you. [applause] president mendoza: thank you. >> good evening.
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carlos, superintendent garcia. my name is jovanna johnson miller and i'm here to talk to you about furlough days. we were closed out. we were locked out -- what day was that? february 4. and i understand there's another furlough day woman cog -- coming up and i don't know why it's being imposed upon us. as you know, we are the lowest paid workers here in this part of the city. we don't make as much as our sisters and brothers across the street, but yet things are being taken away from us. we can't get a contract yet. don't know why that is and yet we're still being imposed with furlough days. we have to bargain those days and i think we deserve the right to bargain those days. let us do that.
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let us bar incident and give us a contract, a decent contract. and another thing, we want to say in civil service. if you want to take us out ask us how we feel about it. don't dictate and take us out anyway. let us know what's going on. let us tell you what we want. you don't decide for us. thank you. [applause] >> good evening. my name is kaden. i am the field statuer for local 1021 assigned to the school district. the san francisco unified classified workers. i have negotiated many contracts at the service of several unions but no negotiations have been, i would say, so clearly defined as the one we've entered with the san francisco unified school district. it's really a shame what has happened here. let me outline what that means on our end in. the first place, the san francisco unified refused to
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bargain furloughs. literally refused and then it hit impasse and at the time you hit impasse, in order to avoid not being certified for impasse, you are returned to the table to bargain again. at the time you have to certify that both parties negotiated in good faith. and then you have to certify it again a second time. as soon as you got out of impasse and went into a fact finding you filed charges for failure to bargain in good faith. go figure. if it wasn't for the fact to thour ever you're attempting to that he we go do not have rights on a strike. so a document was filed and targeted both myself, targeted the negotiations team. and other than that, we also had, as the previous speaker explained to you, we also have
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an agreement which avoided a trial about your reele -- refusal to bargain for furloughs. the agreement was that you'd bargain the furloughs. gets to february 4 and guess what happens? the school district locked out all of us then decided to, in bad faith again, have an agreement where the signatures are on the paper and we still have the piece of paper in hand. so this is the school district at work. let's put that aside. during negotiations you managed to repeatedly do regressive bargaining. so you bring a proposal to the table, hand it to us we'd say, ok. you'd return next day and say that's not exactly what i intended to say. so this happened repeatedly. now, i'm also aware -- i'm very aware, that the members of the board have been told,
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specifically by certain individuals in your negotiations team that the field staff for sciu has had behavioral problems during negotiations. the only people who screened the negotiations, banged doors, ran out of the building while we were sitting there were the members of your negotiations team. and to actually think that this is happening under closed doors in conversations with all of you is rather disturbing. now, these tactics are basically union busting as far as i'm concerned. you can look at what's happening -- that's you, mr. summit, sitting right here refusing to meet with staff repeatedly. thank god we're meeting on the 28, and that's the date we set on the first time in how many years? count it for us. i really want to tell you this point-blank. i'm also aware that members of one of the team approached some
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of my coworkers to state that the problem with negotiations was the cavin, the field satisfy for sciu happens to have poor control to have english language. let me answer that for you tonight. i understand that some of us who are foreign born nationalized u.s. citizens may have an accent and that kind of conversation as far as i'm concerned is nothing short of bigotry and racism and that's sanctioned right out of your office. stop the union busting and stop the crazy tactics. [applause] president mendoza: ho, ho, ho. -- >> ho, ho, ho. to follow him. good evening, board of education and summits. my name is maria and i work for the child development program and i've been will -- there for almost 38 years. i don't want to talk about me. i've been on the bargaining
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team for three contracts and we tried to put a measure on there for the student health workers and they worked only three and a half hours, maybe more, but they still don't get any health, dental. no benefits. now, some are parents that work at other jobs in order to help meet themselves or their families. you know what they serve our children? their breakfast, and they serve lunch. not the children but the students, ok? and they need more hours. by the way, please don't take me away from the civil service. i need it. thank you. [applause] >> my name is arena flores and i have been employed for 15 years as a clerk. like my children, i too attended the district schools. i know first hand of the very important work of the support staff at schools and central
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offices. it is they who provide county and stability to the statue and children during the ever-changing superintendents, staff . we are being threatened with the possibility of separation from civil service, which would mean no place under the city hold over list and no possibility of reemployment. thanks but no thanks. not one clerk or secretary among the many that i have spoken with wants a separation. please don't patronize us by traying to trying to pass this off as something we want. the mostly sunny are clear and we do need a contract. thank you. >> everybody, sorry, english is not my first language but i'll try to let you know. i'm a custodian in -- high school. also, i am the first time for the team. tonight i would like to say
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about the school district after custodian cleaning the windows. as a custodian they are all happy to work hard, to make sure our school has a clean and healthy atmosphere for all our students and -- environment for all our students and faculty members. but as we all know, window cleaning belongs to a larger classification. window cleaner. they are numbered 739 2. as a custodian, we cannot step over our classifications and we take other employees' jobs, taking away their live hood and their employment opportunities. tough. president mendoza: could you state your name, please?
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i'm sorry. sir? could you state your name for the record, please? >> my name is -- president mendoza: thank you. >> good evening board members, superintendent. brothers and sisters to have bay area and wisconsin. [applause] and the general public. my name is david generalsen and i'm a senior clerk typist if the central office of the child development program. i've been working for the district for almost 35 years. i am on the current negotiation team and have been on various negotiation teams for over 25 years. i am here to talk about the various differentials and premiums and adjustments in supervisor pay in our contract. from the outside these adjustments look complicated and unnecessary, but only because the classifications have not been updated to reflect the actually work assignments.
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they are suggested as takeaways by the district without an update on pay schedule, this represents a pay cut to our members. without a cost of living raise in years, every takeaway and increase in dedid you gos represents a pay cut. on paper, our salaries look respectable and we thank our union and the past teams for those gains but our take-home pay barely covers the essentials of living in the bay area. obviously the furlough days are a serious pay cut that we cannot afford. the district budget cannot and will not be balanced on the backs of the classified staff. how many new administrators and consultants have been hired in the last five years? we need to look at all the six-figure salaries in the district for serious cutting. and i, too, want to stay in the civil service. thank you. [applause] >> hello. i'm michael.


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